ancient Greek statue



ancient Greek statue

Students in my Algebra II classes are required to submit math history projects about their assigned "famous face." Following is the activity list from which they can choose their project(s). Thanks to Joel Albright for the activity list suggestions.

Famous Faces Activity List

Write a poem: 25 – 100 pts

Create a business card: 15 pts

Write a true amusing anecdote: 20 pts

Share it with the class: 10 pts

Write a creative short story based loosely on events and accomplishments “you've” experienced: 15 – 40 pts

Create a poster: 25 – 75 pts

Write a short biography: 15 – 25 pts

Have someone interview you on video: 30 – 100 pts The more creative (accent, costume, etc) and well researched/rehearsed, the more points.

Do a skit (historical, humorous): 50 – 100 pts

Explain a concept “you've discovered” to the class: 30 – 75 pts

Freelance – if you have an idea for a project/activity, let me know and we'll decide if it is acceptable 15 – 100 pts

Internet Search – 10 pts

Create a Website – 100 pts. Must include at least one graphic, 2 links to related sites, and something you've created (digitized poster, poem, etc)

Points for each project are awarded according to creativity, historical content and accuracy, investment of time and effort, neatness, etc. Please submit to me any sources used in your research upon completion. All projects must demonstrate a knowledge of your character's accomplishments and experiences. Any written projects are to be word processed and ready for publication. Have fun, be creative and feel free to see me if you have any questions.


GHS Mascot - rabbit


GHS Mascot - rabbit