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TI-83 plus Help Page

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Enter Data: STAT - ENTER
Graph Data: 2ND - STATPLOT turn on a plotter and select the type of graph desired.  Set the graph window using values from data then press GRAPH.
Graph an equation: Enter the equation into Y=. Set the window using WINDOW. View the graph by pressing the GRAPH key.
Regression on data: Data must already be entered into lists. STAT - CALC select the type of regression desired. For example: if you select QUADREG, QUADREG will be displayed on the home screen. Then enter the parameters: XLISTNAME, YLISTNAME, FREQLIST, REGEQU. REGEQU is where you want the equation stored.
Split Screen: Press MODE. Arrow down and highlight the desired type of screen. Full is not a split screen, Horiz is a split screen with the graph and home screen displayed, and G-T is a split screen with the graph and table displayed
Change the graphing screen: Press 2ND - FORMAT.


GHS Mascot - rabbit


GHS Mascot - rabbit